Our latest episode kept it classic with very special guest Cheech Marin. An OG in the world of cannabis entertainment, Cheech and his longtime partner Tommy Chong have kept California up in smoke since the ‘70s. Now, after more than 40 years in the game, Cheech stopped by the MERRY JANE studios to roll up, smoke out, and share his wealth of knowledge. After our favorite catatonic co-host Dope as Yola blessed our guest with a cannon of a joint, we dug into Cheech’s social media, finding stories about killer dogs in Malibu and artistic explorations in South Florida. As is tradition on About That Time, we lit about five joints of THC Design’s finest strains, before diving into the week’s most pressing cannabis news. Well versed in all things weed, Cheech helped to bring us up to date on Jeff Sessions’ latest opioid task force and California’s tenuous transition to full legalization. Like every ATT guest, Cheech left ‘Roll The News’ with his very own Weekend Box, before getting into all things Chicano art. A scholar and collector of Chicano art for decades, Cheech is now opening a museum dedicated to the oft-overlooked California style. For more Cheech Marin, check out Cheech & Chong on tour around the country, revisit all of their classic films, and keep your eyes peeled for the opening of the Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art, Culture and Industry — coming to Riverside, California in 2020.

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