We’ve all been there — high AF and not sure we’re ever going to come down. At some point in every cannabis user’s life, it’s inevitable that you’ll eat an edible (or several) and have far more THC in your system than you know what to do with. Or maybe you get there by trying to impress friends and taking one bong rip too many. Or you just hit some weed that was way more potent than you expected.

However you got that high, you want to both calm down and come down. Thankfully, there are tricks to help you do just that and avoid the sort of full-scale panic attack that lands you on the nightly news. (Speaking of which, don’t watch the nightly news — it will give you a panic attack.) Chances are you’re not reading this while so stoned you desperately need a cure, but if you are, relax, sweet MERRY JANE is going to get you through this. And for everyone else, pay close attention and you’ll know what to do in case you overdo it.