Global temperatures have broken record highs over the past decade, so, naturally, potheads probably want something chill and infused to combat the rampant heat. According to one cannabis company, it’s bringing California’s first THC ice pops to the Golden State’s market this month.

Freaze Ice Pops, Oakland-based Sublime Canna’s frosty treats, come packed with 10mg of THC each. Each package contains two pops, which will initially only be offered in fruit punch and blue raspberry flavors.

“We think that these one-of-a-kind ice pops will give our users an enjoyable experience while ensuring they are medicating with accurate and lab-tested products,” said Alex Fang, the CEO of Sublime Canna, in a press release.

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While Freaze may be California’s first licensed weed ice pop, it’s not the country’s first. Last July, the Colorado dispensary chain The Green Solution unveiled its own in-house infused ice pops through its subsidiary NectarBee. Also coming in at 10mg of THC a pop, NectarBee Icicles are offered in cherry and grape flavors.

It’s a match made in heaven, as cannabis and cold treats go hand-in-hand. While we often tout the pain-killing and cancer-fighting effects of THC, weed can also help us lower our body temperatures and prevent wanton sweating

For those with more mature, refined palates, weed-infused ice creams have been around for years. If you can’t stand the heat but don’t reside in either California or Colorado, you can make your own heady ice pops, ice creams, or even root beer floats at home. Just, y’know, make sure they’re legal to make in your area, first.

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