An activist who threw an egg at Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s head now faces assault and marijuana possession charges.

Amber Holt, 24, also identified in the press as Amber Paige, allegedly threw the egg at the back of the Prime Minister’s head during a campaign event in Albany, New South Wales this week. However, Morrison literally avoided getting egg on his face, as the ovular projectile bounced off his head intact.

Police arrested and searched Holt shortly after the ‘attack,’ which turned up a baggie of weed. She was charged with common assault and marijuana possession. She later told reporters that she threw the egg in protest of Morrison’s off-shore detention of refugees who are seeking asylum in Australia.

Morrison’s time as Prime Minister has been wrought with controversy, as he was not elected to office, but rather became the Prime Minister after his predecessor, Malcolm Turnbull, resigned in August 2018. Morrison is currently running for his first elected term as Australia’s head of government, with national elections taking place May 18.

Fittingly enough, Holt’s marijuana possession charge highlights one of the many deep political conflicts currently raging in the Land Down Under. Morrison has staunchly opposed recreational weed legalization, even though his own party, the Liberal Party of Australia, supports fully legalizing the plant and releasing all non-violent pot offenders from prison. Australia nationally legalized a strictly-limited medical marijuana program in 2016.

Holt has since been banned from attending any further political events, except for polling booths on election day.

Egging politicians in public may be on its way to becoming a popular form of protest in Australia. In March, Fraser Anning, the far-right leader of the Conservative National Party and an admitted racist, caught some yolk to the dome after he made disparaging comments about Muslims shortly after the mass shooting at Christchurch, New Zealand.

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