Florida Woman Avoids Pot Charge by Hiding Weed Under Her Wig
Getting pulled over at a narcotics checkpoint in the South can be pretty stressful, but this 21-year-old walked away scott free and caught the whole thing on video.
Published on October 7, 2019

Few things are quite as stressful as being pulled over in a prohibition state with a bag of weed in the car. Sure, it’s only weed, but try telling that to a couple of bored highway patrol officers itching to use their handcuffs. And for a young black woman driving alone in the American South, you can probably crank those nervous feelings tenfold.

For 21-year-old Floridian Gabrielle L, that’s when some quick thinking kicked in. In a short video that has now gone viral across social media, Gabrielle took a video of a Louisiana police officer searching her car paired with the unmatched caption; “They looking for the weed, whole time it’s under my wig.” 

Well played, Gabrielle. Well played.

In an interview with BET after her mid-search video went viral, Gabrielle said that she had already been pulled over once that day on a roadtrip to pick up her brother from Mississippi. During the first stop, Gabrielle stuffed her small bag of bud under her wig and got away without stepping out of the vehicle. A few miles further up the road, she says she saw a sign for a narcotics checkpoint, and didn’t want any chances. In predictable police fashion, three cars stopped her at the exit next to the checkpoint and quickly escalated the situation.

“Of course, I didn't want to give him any kind of problems 'cause I'm already in the situation,” Gabrielle told BET. “So they’re looking through the car and I'm just sitting back, talking to the other police officer. I’m sitting there talking to him, having a normal conversation. So, the other officers come back and they ask me, ‘So where is it?’”

With the weed on her head but her freedom, safety, and reputation on her brain, Gabrielle stood her ground until the cops backed down.

"I said, 'Sir, I do not smoke. I do not know what you're talking about right now. Then they looked at me and they said, 'Do you have anything on your person?' I started squeezing all over and I said, 'Nope! You can check me. There's nothing on me’…. Who would think to look under someone’s wig? And, people in my hometown would clown me if I went to jail for some marijuana so I was not about to go to jail!”

Of course, if you’re going to copy this plan for yourself and try to hide your own stash under a hairpiece the next time you run into the cops, just make sure your false follicles look legit, because not everyone is as skilled as Gabrielle

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