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A bride and event caterer in Seminole County, Florida, have been charged with spiking a wedding’s food with THC. The groom, who appeared quite clueless in police footage of the February 19 reception, has so far not been charged.

Several guests wound up in the hospital, and firefighters treated several guests on-site for “symptoms consistent with that of someone who has used illegal drugs.” Altogether, roughly 30 to 40 people attended the wedding.

“I don’t know why,” wedding guest Miranda Cady told a local news channel. “I think that is the biggest question on all of our minds in speaking with some of the family members. We want an explanation.”

Non-consensual drugging aside, it sounds as if the bride, Danya “Shea” Glenny, had quite a spread of edibles that day in Longwood. The menu included lasagna, caesar salad, tortellini, meatballs, chocolate-covered strawberries, and pudding shots.

One guest told The Guardian they saw caterer Jocelyn Montrinice Bryant “reach into a punch bowl and remove a green substance, saying she could detect a ‘strong odor of marijuana.’” The caterer then allegedly confirmed that the menu had been infused with cannabis — which frankly seems like an expensive and aggressive thing to do without informing one’s guests.

Food taken from the wedding and analyzed in a lab found that it did indeed have THC in it, as did the blood samples of several guests. Glenny and Bryant are being charged with a violation of Florida’s anti-tampering laws, delivery of marijuana, and culpable negligence.

Footage released by the cops does not prove that the no-longer-quite-so-happy couple wasn’t high. The bride hangs back with a glassy-eyed smile, while the groom expresses disbelief over what has occurred, affirming that he did not authorize the cannabis infusion into the food — although he said that he did hear some people felt ill after eating the wedding’s food.

“A couple of people weren’t feeling well or something like that,” says the groom. “I’m not going to lie, people here are consuming marijuana. I wouldn’t be surprised if people had their own edibles. But as far as people not knowing about it …”

Who knows where the communication broke down, but several stoned-as-hell guests supplied the media with some choice quotes about what they were experiencing:

  • “We all have been affected, somehow, by what was put in the food.”
  • “I thought I was having a heart attack. My heart was racing and before I went to bed that night, I actually slept in my car right on-site.”
  • A man who called 911 from the event said that it “felt like he had drugs inside him.”

Remember, folks: Don’t dose people without their knowledge! Also, incidents like these can create fear around cannabis consumption. Coverage of the criminal charges in this case comes on the heels of incidents in March concerning schoolchildren in both Pennsylvania and Maryland who were unwittingly drugged by marijuana edibles.

Besides, consensual, informed weed weddings are already a thing. If you’re going to dose up the reception grub, do it in a legit, responsible manner.

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