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We love a wacky Chelsea Handler weed anecdote, and this one certainly counts: apparently, the comedian got a nun high — and the sister loved the experience. 

So goes a story that Handler told on The Jennifer Hudson Show. The interview didn’t start out focusing on smoking out religious figures, but rather the program host’s sobriety. Hudson has allegedly never drank or smoke, a fact that the hard-living Handler had a difficult time digesting. (The comedian ended the line of questioning with a reasonable “Everybody should do their own thing,” though.)

Perhaps to take the heat off of herself, the host quickly brought up the nun rumor. “Is it true you got a nun to try to smoke some pot?” she asked. I mean, anyone familiar with the Sisters of the Valley knows that some nuns love weed. 

“I got a nun high, yeah that’s true,” said Handler.

“She was so funny when she was high, as so many people are,” Handler continued. “And she sent me an email … months later. She goes, ‘I’ve just got to tell you, I feel like I’ve loosened up since I met you.’ … I said, ‘Sister, that is all I am looking to do, you know, to loosen people up.’ I just want people to enjoy and relax. And if you can relax and enjoy yourself without alcohol and drugs, good for you! I can’t.”

This is certainly not the first time the comedian has spoken publicly about her penchant for puffing. The banter is clearly in jest, but Handler actually has gone on the record speaking about how she credits cannabis (OK, and therapy) for helping her bounce back from alcoholism and other mental health challenges.

“I think when you’re frustrated or stressed, and the world is a very stressful place these days, alcohol becomes a hat on a hat,” she told Forbes. “The intention that you have with drinking doesn’t necessarily always equate to the outcome. Whereas cannabis calms you down, it kind of dulls your senses in a way that’s not overpowering so that you have no reaction.”

That’s not to say that all of her consumption is strictly medical, however. Back in 2020, Handler celebrated her 45th birthday by doublefisting a joint and a margarita while skiing down a mountain — and not wearing any pants. She’s not new to social media 420 photo opps either — in 2016 she tweeted a photo of herself celebrating Fourth of July season with a furry dog, stacks of cash, and massive jars of nugs.

The woman knows how to market! The stunt served as excellent promotion for her weed brand designed specifically for women that she launched back in 2019 with the now-defunct NorCal Cannabis Company. Then in 2021, her weed hypeperson skills were employed to repair the harms of the Drug War. Handler put together a gift bag to celebrate Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration whose proceeds went to cannabis justice advocates Cage Free Cannabis’ non-profit Cage Free Repair, which provides support to National Expungement Week activities.