Inspired by the Compassionate Care Act in New York's medical marijuana bill, New Yorkers Ronald Falcioni and Emily Thrope developed the concept of a monthly, weekly, or one-time cannabis delivery service. The New York State legislation proclaims, “registered organizations will be able to dispense up to a 30-day supply of medical marijuana,” and, “patients may only possess up to a 30-day supply of medical marijuana.” Considering the varying circumstances of each patient’s use, Falcioni and Thrope were compelled to question the impersonal nature of a 30-day supply. After honing in on this thought and moving to the West Coast, The Guild, a non-profit collective and operative cannabis delivery service, was conceived.

Upon arriving to San Francisco, it was clear to The Guild’s founders that cannabis businesses weren’t targeting or catering to the "uncommon" patient who desired a convenient and reliable way to purchase cannabis. Falcioni and Thrope designed The Guild with the intention of delivering the highest quality cannabis to patients who need it the most, such as those suffering from multiple sclerosis or glaucoma who might not be able to drive to a dispensary. Before The Guild delivers to patients, all products are sent to a lab for verification and, if need be, correction of their cannabinoid percentage. Similarly, all strains of flower are also sent to a lab for monitoring of pesticides, terpenes, and solvents. Being a non-profit, The Guild spends a considerable amount of money on lab fees, showing The Guild’s ambition to be a reliable provider of superior medical marijuana.

The Guild requires every patient to upload their California doctor recommendation and become a member of the collective before placing an order. Only if verified, the patient is given access to browse the collective’s catalogue of flower, concentrates, edibles and cannabidiol products, which gives each member the freedom to pick and choose a “30-day supply” of treatment. At the moment, for same-day delivery, The Guild is only able to service patients in San Francisco, but expansion to Los Angeles, Long Beach, and San Diego is expected soon. For patients anywhere else in California, their customized box of medical marijuana is delivered in nondescript and freshness-guaranteed packaging to maintain privacy and quality. Advertised as the “Birchbox of marijuana,” The Guild has necessarily refined the delivery of cannabis for Californian’s who desire but, most importantly, need the finest.