Your nose and taste buds are always looking for that aroma and flavor from the best cannabis products but with today's sophisticated technology we are able to extract those compounds from the cannabis plant to offer new ways of cannabis consumption. The psychoactive effects of THC have been studied for years, and we've found plenty of consistent effects that suit our cannabis needs at this point. But, with more compounds being extracted we are able to create products to suit our exact need.

Terpenes, which gives cannabis strains its aroma and flavor are being extracted from cannabis plants by several companies now and infusing them with specific psychoactive elements to provide the strain for your specific condition. These five reasons are why terpenes are the future:

1. Rise of Aroma & Flavor

It's no lie that we all care about the smell and flavor of our cannabis when we consume it. We're always looking for that specific strain that can carry both the piney-taste with a scent of lemon but offers a potent uplifting high to get us through the day. The smells and flavors that each strain exhibits can also contribute to the effect of the strain. According to one of our MJ contributors, Amber Finnegan, "Terpenes interact with cannabinoids to create different effects in the body and each terpene creates a unique profile with different sensory aspects as well as medical aspects."

2. Terpenes – Terpenoids Profiles

Around 200 terpenes have been found in cannabis but here are some that come to mind along with their benefits:

Alpha-pinene has a pine scent, is a great anti-inflammatory and aids in memory retention. It is also good for alertness and can help improve airflow to the lungs.

Limonene smells and tastes of lemon, is antibacterial, fights breast cancer cells and is good for immune disease treatment. It also contains anti-fungal and antibacterial properties and elevates one’s mood.

Linalool resembles traits of lavender, which has been proven to be beneficial for treating anxiety. It also works as an anesthetic, and can be used as a sleeping aid.

Beta-caryophyllene has a spicy pepper aroma and fights against arthritis, ulcers, and autoimmune disorders. It is also anti-inflammatory and may help in the treatment of addiction.

3. Synergy of Terpenes, CBD and THC

Dr. Ethan B. Russo’s article on “Taming THC” states that cannabinoid-terpenoid interactions “could produce synergy with respect to treatment of pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, addiction, epilepsy, cancer, fungal and bacterial infections.” Now companies can create a combination of the above terpenes along with specific amounts of CBD and THC that is recommended for the patient.

4. Taming THC

With the ability to tame THC in ways like never before and with the assistance of terpenes and CBD they can even mitigate THC-induced anxiety that some people are affected by. This new method of consumption will attract more and more users as companies’ perfect combinations of THC, CBD, and terpenes offering the high necessary for a user’s needs.

5. Consumption at New Heights

Companies such as Chooze Corp. out of Colorado have created pellets laced with equal amounts of THC, CBD, and specific terpenes that can be inserted into a vaporizer and smoked. The pellet offers a specific mode such as "Body Buzz" that can be described just as it's said. Many cannabis smokers are also into the new craze of "live resin" extractions that offer terpene packed concentrates when dabbed or vaped. Or how about juice packed cartridges you’ve seen at the dispensary packed with a specific flavor. The future of terpenes is packed and should evolve even more as we find new ways to pack a buzz.