For those in dire need of some Tyler, the Creator material, you are in luck as redditors in the r/hiphopheads thread have unearthed some newly revealed material courtesy of the Golf Wang general’s 2008 Myspace page.

The name of the page definitely mirrors the rapper's sense of humor, as it is named "I Smell Panties," and even features Tyler and Jasper Dolphin posing in some pink panties with doo-doo stains in them. Six interestingly named tracks feature on the page, mirroring the generally wild content Tyler rapped about at the time.

An example of this comes in the form of "Lilo Fucks Stitch," which is a short track detailing how human Disney character Lilo may given extraterrestrial Disney character Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch) a sexually transmitted disease. Another joint titled "Bapes" comes off as a poke at the streetwear-obsessed hypebeast hip-hop scene that was prevalent on Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles around 2008.

Although the lyrics are straight up weird as fuck, "Lisa" is a standout track from the batch, especially in terms of production. "Lisa" would also go on to be featured on The OF Tape, Vol. 1 some years down the line.

Listen to the six tracks here.