German producer David Barenboim, who has also gone under the moniker KD Supier, is turning a new leaf. After spending years in the German hip-hop scene, mostly producing for other rappers, he ventured out on his own in 2015 releasing a series of color inspired EPs, Yellow and Green. The result was a collection of eclectic instrumentals that showcased his production skills wonderfully and allowed him ample room creatively.

Having clearly been inspired by the change of genre, the Berlin based production maestro is back at it again with the new single “Drops,” this time operating under the name Solarrio. With a whole new sound that verges more on the pop side of the musical spectrum, he uses his own vocals in a prominent fashion for the first time. Fans of his earlier work will not be disappointed either, as synths feature heavily, and dare we say even harken slightly to some of Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy era production.

“The song is me trying to numb the pain of failed relationships. Sonically and production-wise, it’s probably the most experimental song on the EP. I was working on the beat with a friend of mine and that one synth sound reminded me of drops. I developed the theme from there” David had to say about the single.

The Solarrio EP will release in January, but before then be on the lookout for more music videos supporting the project, two of which are filmed in Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan.

Watch and listen to “Drops” here, the single drops officially on October 21st.