Shout out to De La Soul for crowdsourcing funds to create their latest album And the Anonymous Nobody…, and actually releasing it in an interesting manner. The trio literally has decades in this rap shit, and are continuing to push forward by dropping the video for "Memory Of…(US)" featuring Estelle and Pete Rock.

The video starts out making fun of Masterpiece Theater, with Pete Rock giving us a stern rundown of what will happen in the video while clearly attempting to keep a straight face. From there, we transition into a video that resembles a VHS recording. In the proceeding visuals, we Estelle second guesses the vows she is set to take while driving on the way to her wedding. In the meanwhile, Plug One and Plug Two take turns pleading their case to old flame in their whip.

It's dope that De La Soul shot a video for this track, as this is easily one of the best on the project.

Watch “Memory Of…(US) here.