Los Angeles is the melting pot of culture and all things fit to ride a fork, which got us hungry, and thinking about the amazing revelation of cheese melted on fries. It may or may not have started with the cheese fries, and then came great things, bigger and better. From Mexico to Canada, we a have a list of regionally inspired dishes that follow the same format: take delicious ingredients, and place them on top of fries. What better to help tackle these mountainous plates of food than a smoke to elevate ourselves to the challenge? In this list, we'll give you all the information you need to find the perfect plate of loaded fries, and also, which strain to match for the perfect pairing. Light up, and grab some extra napkins.

Photo Source: Michelle Slieff 

The Attic on Broadway

3441 E Broadway

Long Beach, CA 90803

562.433.0153 | www.theatticonbroadway.com

This unassuming 1920s craftsman house was converted into a restaurant and now sits on the corner of Broadway and Newport in Long Beach. You might find the owner Steven Massis sitting on the front porch or a group of hipsters with French Bulldogs getting down on some delicious short rib poutine. Overall, the food is southern with dashes of creole and cajun. Additionally, there are poutine dishes that will leave Canadians scratching their heads and even the burliest of men giggling over the Mac n Cheetos menu option. Start with the short rib poutine made with hand-cut fries, topped with braised short rib, caramelized onions, mozzarella cheese curds, red wine demi-glaze and topped with green onions. You better add the fried egg too!

In the mood for a drink that you can also eat? Check out their separate Bloody Mary menu that offers customizations and dozens of options to accessorize your drink with. In the dining area, you’ll see towering tall cocktails balancing on trays. Your eyes don't deceive you - that is a sandwich garnish on top of that beverage. Cheers!

Weed Pairing: A couple snaps of Gorilla Glue #4 will get you in the right head space to take on this poutine plate from the Attic. Pungent smells and earthy flavors of pine confirm the recent 2014 LA High Times Cannabis Cup 1st place win. Toke this strand and destroy not just the poutine, but that Bloody Mary and the Man n Cheetos dish — without guilt.

Photo Source: Michelle Slieff

Jim’s Burgers Long Beach

3639 E 7th St

Long Beach, CA 90804

562.342.4834 | www.jimsburgerslb.com

This hole-in-the-wall restaurant is just what you need when you’re craving French fries that are on another level. Not only do they have delicious L.B.C. Fries made with crispy french fries, shredded cheddar cheese, ranch, and bacon, but they also have a whole menu dedicated to a list of fries that Long Beach locals love. The Opa Fries, D.U.I Fries and the 502 Fries are also great choices if you’re looking to get totally loaded. Who doesn’t love turning side items into whole meals? This spot is cash only, so bring the green.

Weed Pairing: Tahoe OG is great for addressing a lack of appetite, so we recommend taking a toke before tackling your loaded fries. This strain offers an earthy, lemon taste to bring balance to the richness of the fries. Whether it's the OG or the L.B.C, you’ll be couched for at least a couple hours after this pairing.

Photo Source: Langer’s Deli

Langer’s Deli

704 S Alvarado St

Los Angeles, CA 90057

213.483.8050 | www.langersdeli.com

Langer’s Deli has been around for more than 66 years and is considered iconic to the LA area. According to many deli aficionados, the Pastrami sandwich is considered the best in America. With over ten pastrami sandwich varieties on the menu, it makes sense, and it's only fitting that their Pastrami Chili Cheese Fries would make our list. Their crinkle fries are deep fried to a golden crispiness, then smothered in house-made chili, shredded cheddar cheese and a generous portion of some of the best pastrami that all of LA has to offer.

Weed Pairing: Girl Scout Cookies offers a sweet and earthy aroma that will launch your pastrami experience into a state of euphoria. A little goes a long way with this strain, so save some and make room for the fries.

Photo Source: Stir Market

Stir Market

7475 Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90036

323.879.8283 | www.stirmarket.com

Get off that couch and out of the house! Head over to Stir Market for an explosion of flavor with a side of cheese. The Porchetta Chili Cheese Fries are out of this world, and just might make you think that you died and went to heaven. Belgian fries are topped with chunks of porchetta, beans, melted cheese and crispy pork skin.

Weed Pairing: OG Kush brings an earthy pine scent and woody undertones to cut through the richness of the chili cheese fries. The euphoric effects of this strand will make you so happy you chose to traverse DTLA.

Photo Source: Chego


727 N Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90012

323.380.8680 | www.eatchego.com

Celebrity Chef Roy Coi runs the menu at this joint, located in a faded mini mall. His name might ring a bell since he is known as one of the founders of the food truck movement. Order a Kimchi Spam Bowl to go along with your Ooey Gooey Fries for the ultimate munchie madness. Despite his famous name, no reservations are needed for this low-key restaurant – instead, picture picnic tables and reggae music. Dig into the Ooey Gooey fries made with beer-battered fries, sour cream sambal, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, cotija, chilies, cilantro and pickled garlic.

Weed Pairing: Granddaddy Purple is the perfect pairing to go with those Ooey Gooey fries. This is a great indica to calm that insanely full stomach you will experience from downing these fries and will help sidle you into a well-deserved cat nap.

Photo Source: Jeff Miller

Taco Love

7980 Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90046

323.650.8226 | www.tacolove.com

This is a typical authentic taco joint expected of San Diego, but actually located in West Hollywood. Angelenos are lucky to bring that border a little bit closer to cure the insatiable carne asada appetite. Taco Love is clean, modern, creative and represents the community. Paul Kot, Marko Velazquez, and David Modelo are passionate about Mexican food and shows that you can keep it simple, and it tastes just right. Order the carne asada fries made with crispy fries, cheese, sour cream, and guac.

Weed Pairing: Trainwreck offers a sweet lemon and spicy pine aroma to those carne asada fries that you'll be consuming. Trainwreck is a hybrid with potent Sativa effects that are sure to bring out your creativity and happiness. The high THC content will help relieve what pains you, so you can focus on not spilling your loaded fries.

Photo Source: Seoul Sausage Company

Seoul Sausage

11313 Mississippi Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90025

310.477.7739 | www.seoulsausage.com

You might be familiar with Brothers Yong and Ted Kim, and Chef Chris Oh. They are known for winning season three of the Great Food Truck Race, a highly popular Food Network show. Seoul Sausage Company offers a new way to eat Korean BBQ. The Galbi poutine made with eight hour braised short ribs, twice-fried French fries, cheese, kimchi pickled onions and avocado lime crema – enough to make any tummy rumble.

Weed Pairing: Blue Dream takes the Poutine to the next level. The sweetness of the bud complements the savoriness of the fries. This Sativa-dominant hybrid will get you stoned and take your thoughts on a journey. You’ll be asking yourself, “How do they keep the fries so crispy will those toppings?!”