Knowledge and opinions of cannabis reform and weed culture differ greatly depending upon whom you speak to. Some people still think bud is a powerful and dangerous gateway drug, while others think it should be decriminalized globally and embraced as medicine. Some believe celebrity stoners corrupt the youth, while the others view them as pot pioneers, and would like to see them running for political office. As with most issues, you can only get to the heart of them by talking things out and seeing where people’s heads are at.

Join MERRY JANE News correspondent Brooke Burgstahler as she hits the streets of Washington D.C. to discuss cannabis with both citizens and international tourists. You may be surprised by what they know of weed’s legal status in their neck of the woods, which U.S. president they’d want to smoke with, and which stoner they’d like to see elected as POTUS.

 After watching, be sure to keep the cannabis conversation going with friends, family, and other voters in your area!