Vice recently followed Vans-sponsored Chinese pro skater, Wang HuiFeng, for an episode of Vice International. The in-depth short examines the rider's 13-year journey of pushing and his opinions about the culture and sport in his country. Viewers also get to explore the streets of Shenzhen and even some of China’s coasts for some nomadic bonding and surfing among friends.

As far as the formalities of the industry go, according to Wang too much red tape and industry prerequisites still keep the scene from organically evolving. He also details how other action sports are given more consideration than skateboarding is.

Ultimately, HuiFeng’s story is about staying valiant and content in his journey as a pro in China, insisting that street skateboarding and comraderie are what drives him most, not the industry politics. He declares that the friendships made along the way have been the most important milestones for him–proof that even halfway across the globe, and despite disparities, skateboarding at its core is still genuinely an opportunity to connect with others, explore yourself, and be present no matter where it happens.