Family time isn’t always relaxing. Even if you have healthy relationships with your blood relatives, gathering on holidays can be draining. Not to mention that we’re living in a politically electrified time in the throes of a pandemic. Combine that with holiday heaviness? Forget it, man. Everyone should just cut the bullshit and get stoned.

But, what are you supposed to do when your family doesn’t get down on that good-good? Or, maybe this is the first Thanksgiving you’re spending without your family, and your living situation isn’t 420-friendly. Regardless of the situation, there are plenty of reasons why one might need to get high on the DL this Turkey Day. 

Just know that we support you. In fact, we endorse the discreet consumption of cannabis this holiday. Here’s why: Smoking weed is a political statement. Whether you realize it or not, you’re exercising your right to be an autonomous human. You’re also giving a cloudy middle finger to the Drug War, and thus, the government. And, while the majority of Americans favor the legalization of cannabis, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is thrilled to be in the presence of stanky skunk. 

Just avoid the drama altogether and try one of these discreet ways to get high. It’ll save you from having to explain yourself, and you can use that extra time by shoving your face with pumpkin pie — that’s what we’ll be doing, at least. 


Joy Gum

Joygum is one of the most convenient and discreet ways to enjoy cannabis. Joygum offers an explosion of flavor no matter your taste. It offers maximum convenience and discretion along with the satisfaction of chewing a great piece of gum. Joygum’s oral absorption offers quick, reliable, precise delivery of full-spectrum CO2 oil with every piece. Chewing Joy offers a light euphoric yet functional “heady buzz” that makes every situation more joyful! Joygum comes in seven flavors and includes both CBD and THC ratios. Joygum does not melt in the heat and will never leave you with cotton mouth. It is guilt-free, zero calories, and offers the longest-lasting enjoyment of any cannabis treat! 

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The VISTA MINI 2 is a cutting-edge update in the world of compact, but powerful bubbler vaporizers for oils and concentrates. This new stunning device features 4 LED indicated heat settings perfectly optimized for users and concentrate of all varieties, a one-of-a-kind glass discovery carb cap perfect for visibility, an ergo-blaze flared mouthpiece for comfort, detachable glass bubbler, secure flow silicone seal, a revolutionary AIO crystal quartz atomizer equipped with short circuit protection, along with all your favorite features from the first version like wireless charging and haptic feedback.

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Green Revolution

Deep Rest from Green Revolution won 1st place for Best Tincture at the Weedcon Cup in Malibu, California (Sept. 2020).

Green Revolution believes the miracle of the cannabis plant can be used to support and enrich all aspects of someone’s life. They use the best of science and nature to chart a clear path so that users can enjoy consistent reliable experiences no matter the application. 

Green Revolution takes the guesswork out of cannabis products. Your favorite product shouldn’t produce bland, unpredictable results. Not only should it taste great, but that product should also provide joyful, long-lasting effects that you can count on.

By creating a symbiotic blend of precise cannabinoids and terpene profiles from meticulously selected strains, Green Revolution’s “Terpene Love Cannabinoids Standardization Profiles” deliver fast-acting, consistent experiences each and every time.

The optimal combination of consistent and rich terpene and cannabinoid profiles gives you the power to control your experience. Green Revolution gives you the keys to uplift your life. Now it’s up to you to find your moment

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Burning Bottles

Veteran owned and operated, Burning Bottles takes pride in each and every water pipe delivered because we know our “Upcycle” approach is one step closer to helping our environment. They want customers to have the best experience while simultaneously knowing they’re doing something good for the world. Visit their online store or fill out the contact form for your very own custom order.

Veteran and now contractor, Anthony Russo of Pennsylvania, has always had a passion for creativity, the environment, and building things with his hands. When he noticed how many glass bottles were being tossed in the trash at homes and businesses, he had an epiphany. Why not upcycle that glass to create water pipes? When presented with an opportunity to help save the planet and simultaneously put smiles on people’s faces, this company takes it. And that’s just what Anthony did. He started Burning Bottles and has been upcycling bottles for over three years now. Join Anthony and the rest of the Burning Bottles family in a mission to make people smile and save the planet.

Want Anthony to make a custom bottle you don’t see in the online store? They can make steamrollers and double-decker water pipes (smaller bottles on handles of the same brand). Fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch!

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Kin Slips was founded by a passionate group of entrepreneurs hell-bent on reimagining cannabis and developing the most efficient products. Their commitment to providing the best cannabis experience began with their sublingual strips — a revolutionary infused product that is discreet, reliable, all-natural, and that heightens the way cannabis is used in everyday life. Beyond the quality of their product, they intend to inspire trust in the science and benefits of cannabis through meaningful conversations and education at the community level. 


Philter Labs

PHILTER products represent a new paradigm for people who vape and smoke. No longer is there a need to isolate out of fear of massive clouds and secondhand smoke that brings attention to the fact you’re puffing that good-good.

Adult vapers and non-vapers can now socially co-exist with Philter Labs’ exciting new technology, all while eliminating secondhand smoke and protecting their personal right to vape or smoke.

Additionally, reduced emissions result in cleaner air thus contributing to a healthier environment.

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ALT™ fuses nature with science and exists to ENHANCE HUMAN POTENTIAL™ through precision liquid cannabis products. We aim to inspire alternative perspectives, promoting choice in state-of-mind. ALT™ elevates the senses and encourages total and complete self-expression, RECREATIONAL SELF-IMPROVEMENT™, and FLOW.

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WYLD’s Marionberry gummies are made with real fruit and are Indica-enhanced, which makes them a great addition to the end of any long day. Whether eaten around a campfire or in the comfort of your own home, these gummies are great for unwinding.

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Subtle Tea

Cannabis contains an adaptogenic ensemble of compounds to help expand your body’s capacity to handle mental, physical, and emotional stress. Subtle Tea is handcrafted to support daily balance to your body’s Endocannabinoid System. Subtly sweet, yet contains no calories or artificial sweeteners. Vegan, No Gluten, No Sugar.

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Aster Farms and Potli Cannabis-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Combining their sustainably farmed cannabis with a Tuscan olive blend from the family’s award-winning Campodonico organic farm — where they’ve been cultivating and pressing olives for over 10 years — Aster Farms partnered with premium pantry goods company Potli for this special holiday drop: Aster Farms and Potli Cannabis-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Home to both Aster Farms cannabis and Campodonico olives, this limited edition extra virgin olive oil is an ode to Lake County, California’s unique terroir. At 1300 feet in elevation, across nine-and-a-half acres of volcanic Lacustrine soils, every bottle was harvested with intention using an olive oil blend from Campodonico organic farm and other Lake County olive farms. The Tuscan olive variety, which is locally blended, is balanced with a single strain of Aster Farm’s sun-grown Watermelon OG. The delicious oil — featuring bold, green, and peppery notes — is ideal for promoting relaxation, increasing appetites and senses, opening up dialogues, and creating lasting new experiences for yourself and others to enjoy.

The Aster Farms and Potli Cannabis-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil will be available at select retailers across California starting on November 18th, while supplies last. Each 8.45 fl oz bottle contains 100mg THC, 8mg CBD, and has a suggested retail price of $35.

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