The cannabis leaf is trendier than ever, but LA-based jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche has celebrated its botanical beauty since 2009. Officially launching the Sweet Leaf Collection with a pair of dainty diamond encrusted studs and a simple necklace, Aiche continues to incorporate marijuana into her designs, making them a signature statement for the most stylish of smokers. Loyal members of the #JATribe love the line for making the weed leaf look chicer than most.

“There’s a lot of jewelry out there with a pot leaf charm, but I always strive to make pieces that are truly special,” says Aiche. “It’s exciting to see marijuana become more and more accepted and I’m proud to be a part of that. The symbol obviously makes a lot of people happy — and so do gold and diamonds.”

Her latest creation, Large Sweet Leaf Hoops ($3,375) made their debut at Coachella in April thanks to Rihanna rocking ‘em with the rest of the new pieces just released: Triple Sweet Leaf Anklet ($2,190), Sweet Leaf Shaker Necklace ($5,500) and Sweet Leaf Body Chain ($5,125). The entire collection is available in 14-karat yellow, rose or white gold with pave diamonds online and in curated boutiques across the country.

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