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Smoke, Flicks, and Chill: Movies That Are Out of This World

Let your mind fly high above the clouds.

by Sean Abrams

by Sean Abrams

All kids dream of being an astronaut; a chance to explore the unknown, zoom around above whispy clouds into outer space with not a care in the world. While reality sets in, you obtain a solid 9-5 job, and the best view you have of the stars is from your front porch, but that doesn’t mean you should lose hope. Lucky for you, it’s easy to feel airy and lighter than ever, especially after a few solid hits. You may not physically be out of this world, but with marijuana, you sure can feel like it. To coincide with Star Trek Beyond blasting into a theater near you, here are five futuristic outer space films (in no particular order) that will make you yearn to leave planet Earth. Buckle yourself in, it’s going to be a long ride.

The Martian (2015)

Some may say there are better leading men than Mr. Matt Damon, but in this case, I beg to differ. The other half of a thriving Ben Affleck romance stars in this novel-inspired outer space flick as an astronaut accidentally left behind during a botched Mars mission. And, because he’s Matt Damon, he defies all odds, grows crops (!) on the dusty, barren planet, and well.. You’ll see what happens. Science research aside, the cast manages to morph this otherwise stationary story into a riveting, and actually sometimes laughable, space-centric piece of cinema.

Munchie: Potatoes, just without the Vicodin.

The Fifth Element (1997)

A child’s imagination is truly endless, and that’s clearly represented in this 23rd century-set sci-fi action film. Luc Besson was in his early teens during the conceptualization of this film, turning a down-on-his-luck cab driver into the sole savior of Earth after a silently sexy redhead falls into his lap (literally) with a dangerous message. It makes sense that some of the ideas were comic-inspired, as much of the film’s vibrant setting and visual effects make you hope for a future such as this on-screen one. Not to mention, Chris Tucker is everything.

Munchie: Chicken, roasted or otherwise.

Total Recall (1990)

Erase that unfortunate Colin Farrell-led remake from your memory, just this ain’t it. It was just a few measly years after Arnold Schwarzenegger did a little movie called The Terminator that he continued to solidify himself as the world’s best action star with Commando, Predator, and this ‘90s futuristic mind-wiping Mars feature. While he starts out as your innocent, everyday construction worker, he learns he’s a superspy with the ability to kill you with one punch (kind of like all the other movies he’s featured in). Reality isn’t what it seems and in turn, tons of things go boom including some heads. Just your typical day on Mars!

Munchie: Something in disguise, like red velvet cake. Neither truly red nor velvet.

Starship Troopers (1997)

The man behind Total Recall heads back to the future to make all your bug fears come to fruition. Following the discovery of a violent, arachnid-infested planet, humans and various insectoid species collide in an all-out war where no one is truly safe. The war movie, satirizing what was brought up in the novel it was partly based off of, is a sci-fi splatterfest perfectly made for anyone who doesn’t mind guts of all kinds featured during a large portion of the run time. And you thought spiders were bad.

Munchie: Bugs gummy, if possible (and probably preferred).

Star Trek (2009)

Leave it to Lost’s J.J. Abrams to re-envision a completely different timeline for a beloved franchise and, while probably offending a few, bringing new life to the original Star Trek characters we know and love. Without giving away too many spoilers or surprise details, the film is solid as a first installment to many more Trek films to come, utilizing a great cast of fresh faces while still paying tribute to the people who brought them to life beforehand. The Enterprise crew is here to stay (at least, until the next reboot).

Munchie: Romulan Ale would be great, but blue Kool Aid will do.


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Sean Abrams

Sean Abrams is a Brooklyn native with a penchant for being the guy who eats only the pink Starbursts. He currently resides in Astoria and is an Associate Editor at Maxim Magazine. Follow him down the rabbit hole on Twitter at @seanybrams.



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