While many of you skaters out there are likely very well versed in knowledge of SK8Mafia, particularly through Wes Kremer’s SOTY caliber output for the past few years, chances are you know less about Sweden’s Sour Skateboards. You no doubt caught some of Gustav Tonnesen’s excellent footy in adidas's Away Days, if you find yourself agreeing with this former statement, consider their 2015 video The Sour Solution essential viewing.  

Luckily for us the San Diegan and Swedish brands converged on neutral ground for a European skate odyssey of the highest order in Transworld’s “Burn The Borders.” The extremely skateable countries of Spain and France get hit up by Wes Kremer, Gustav Tonnesen, Tyler Surrey, Simon Isaksson, Josef Scott Jatta, Nisse Ingamarsson and more traveled from Barcelona to Bordeaux, pit-stopping in Zaragoza and The Basque Country to drop hammers aplenty.

Initially set to some high energy tunes (which get swapped out for some more ambient jazzy feels about halfway through) the whole crew throws down throughout the journey with creativity and flair. Kremer and Tonnesen stand out the most; Wes for attacking whatever comes before him with reckless abandon, and Gustav for tech variations leaving you wondering (is that shuv out of a backside powerslide?!) what in God’s green earth your eyes just witnessed. The rewind factor is very high. His switch heelflip to close out out the edit can only be described as monstrous.

So sit back, burn one down and watch “Burn The Borders” here.

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