Hail to the chief as skate legend Tommy Guerrero’s Real Skateboards makes an ever-impressive bounce back onto the scene with its latest video offering. You can’t count the tried and true company out just because the American skateboard industry has seemingly fallen hard for newer and smaller board companies in recent years. Yes, a lot of the new kids on the block have swayed things a bit and taken full advantage of the paradigm shift in skate content and hype thanks to The Internet, but let’s get Real, because true heads know that skateboarding, especially the business of it, is a marathon and not a sprint. That’s why OGs like Real can take a backseat for a bit to regroup, re-strategize, and come back harder than before. Not to mention that they've got a truly seasoned squad of veterans like Dennis Busenitz, Robbie Brockel, Ishod Wair, and Justin Brock, to name drop an atomic bomb of talent. Sprinkle in the new wave of outstanding riders like Jack Olson, Zion Wright, Jafin Garvey, and Willy Lara, and now you’re cooking with gas, from both sides of the grill!

Given the personnel breakdown of Real, “By Any Means”, the company’s latest video carves open a huge space to put on its young guns. Jack, Zion, Jafin, and Willy steal the show here and rightfully so. The lads are freaks of skateboarding nature, pulling off large scale tricks that just a few years ago were only possible for the toughest of veterans and most certainly worthy of coveted magazine covers. Now this stuff seems like a piece of cake for the new generation, and that is as mind-boggling as it is impressive.

Aesthetically “By Any Means” continues the sharp and cinematic theme of Real’s acclaimed “Surveillance” series. Aerial drone shots, the constant presence of police and security, along with illegal trespassing and pure shredding give this one’s viewers yet another voyeuristic look into the world of true skate and destroy tactics. Things often feel tense, but then they also give way to incredible makes and hammers that just totally blow out the buzzkills. This video’s got an enormous amount of varied street to park action, some wild stair and kinked rail drama, along with international spot bangers reserved strictly for big cheering crowds and onlookers. For 12 minutes of your otherwise lackluster day, “By Any Means” is most definitely the jam that you’ll want to throw on to get the blood pumping and the feet pushing. Respect to Real on this one!