Last month, MERRY JANE attended the 2018 Cannabis Wedding Expo in Denver, where the event originally debuted in 2016. There, we sampled THC and CBD-infused pre-fixed meals, chatted with vendors selling bud-enhanced flower bouquets, and talked to brides and grooms-to-be about why they want to add marijuana to their matrimonial celebration.

"A lot more people are becoming loud and proud [of their cannabis use] because they enjoy it in their daily lives," Bec Koop, the event's co-founder, told us in the Mile High City. "They're not going to be denied cannabis on their wedding day, especially when now they know they can enjoy it during their wedding day festivities [legally]."

Cultivating Spirits will pair your wedding menu with marijuana

The expo in Denver was filled with curious newbies and weed wedding alumni alike, and the event spoke to the growing trend of cannabis lovers incorporating the plant into their milestone. Not only are couples organizing pot parties; they're booking herb-filled honeymoons, too. And while the Cannabis Wedding Expo is now a staple in the Colorado cannabis community, the event is spreading to more and more cities that boast legal weed.

This past weekend, the expo debuted in Los Angeles at the Sportsman Lodge in Studio City. Though it was admittedly less slammed than in Colorado, around 50 or so Californians attended the event and explored the reality of hiring budtenders instead of bartenders, chefs who can infuse your cake and entrees, and even canna-cosmeticians who can add a little CBD to your wedding-day make-up.

On top of the food and flower offerings, a number of ancillary brands were on-site to showcase everything from ganja-friendly garments and cannabis spa packages for bachelorette parties, to 420-floral arrangements and pot products that are ideal for gift baskets.

MERRY JANE sent photographer Molly Adams to attend the event and snap pics. Though the concept still felt like a novelty to many of the attendees, it was clear that weed weddings will become an increasingly-common reality on the West Coast.

Place settings by the Flower Daddy

Wedding officiates will marry you while wearing a weed suit or even dressed as Gandalf

Flowers on Flowers offers medical marijuana bouquets

Get wild at your bachelorette party every with Ms. Mae’s Pleasure Parties because “every f*ck begins with Mae”

Treat yourself or your guests to a marijuana massage with Traveling Hands

Bella was offering CBD and THC-infused products that are ideal for ganja goodie bags

Babinka Treats offers a full spread of desert options (they even have gluten free products!)

My Bud Vase sets the vibe while staying pretty

For more on the Cannabis Wedding Expo, visit the event company's website here

Visit Molly Adams' website for more of her photo work, and follow her on Instagram