Mondo Med's Emily O'Brien on an All New Queens of the Stoned Age
Mondo Med’s Emily O’Brien Talks Anxiety, CBD, and Daytime Edibles for Everyone on “Queens of The Stoned Age”
Published on January 30, 2019

MERRY JANE’s Mira Gonzalez sits down with Mondo Meds founder and CEO Emily O’Brien to discuss the benefits of edibles, building websites, and the difficulties of operating legally in the cannabis space. 

When Emily O’Brien first set off to college to try and become a mycologist (yup, that’s someone who studies fungi), she had no plans of starting a cannabis company. However, fortuitous timing and a transfer from North Carolina to Washington in 2014 created the opportunity. Stemming from a desire to make people feel a bit calmer, happier, and more fulfilled, O’Brien developed an organic dissolving cannabis powder. It was in that spirit that Mondo Meds was born. 

On the latest episode of "Queens of the Stoned Age," MERRY JANE managing editor Mira Gonzalez sits down with Mondo Meds founder, CEO and all-around productive genius Emily O’Brien to learn more about her inspiring journey to create a replacement for Xanax as a treatment for anxiety. 

Over a joint provided by our good friends the Green Angels (@greenangels.buzzz), Emily and Mira discuss the benefits of microdosing, the complicated and often infuriating recreational cannabis licensing process, testing Mondo dosages on classmates in college, the challenges of being a female business owner, and much more. 

We closed out the show with a friendly round of “Puff Pass, ”the segment in which we gauge Emily’s opinions on a variety of weed-related topics, including waking and baking, CBD skin care products, and weed lube. We know the answers, but you’ll have to tune in to find them out! 

Mondo Meds’ original Blue Dream THC cannabis powder will be available once again in dispensaries again soon following a licensing snafu, and the hemp-derived CBD powder is currently being sold at Urban Outfitters. 

So don’t be shy: kick back, relax, and get woke with the freshest ep of "Queens of the Stoned Age" — the days of marijuana mansplaining are over.

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