On the latest episode of About That Time on Facebook Live, we linked up with Northern California-raised comedian and actress Kalea McNeill. Sponsored by the fine folks at KandyPens vapes and Swami Select, we sparked things off with a joint of sun-grown ganja and a breakdown of regional rolling preferences. After discussing the finer points of the Backwoods vs. Dutch Masters debate, we took a deep dive into Kalea’s Instagram, where we found stories about playing a prisoner on TV, childhood memories of hiding from MeeMa, double-fisting Jamaican beef patties on a Carnival cruise, and more.

After finishing up our Instagram stalker segment, we checked out the hottest stories smoking in Roll the News, including California's raids of illegal grow sites and Washington State’s decision to outlaw all infused candies from its legal weed market. Of course, it wouldn’t be 4:20 without Astrology Time, where a look at Kalea’s Aries chart revealed her search for love in strange places, and a talent to knock out goals under deadline. For more Kalea McNeill, check out her comedy at a club near you, and be on the lookout for her recurring roles on Criminal Minds and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  

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