After losing a stable yet soul-draining job at a consulting firm, David (Josh Brener) improbably decides to foray into a whole different industry altogether; that of weed dealing in New York City.

Despite his bookishness, David meets the beautiful Kate (Alexandra D’Addario),the girl of his dreams. As his clientele gets larger, his new relationship starts to suffer as a result and he begins to realize that he might be in well over his head. Hilarity, confusion, and danger ensue.

Directed by Rory Rooney, the film also co-stars Tovah Feldshuh, Lindsey Broad and Al Sapienza, Baked In Brooklyn promises an amusing time for anyone curious about the pitfalls of illegally dealing cannabis, whether they partake in the herb or not.

Watch the trailer here exclusively via MERRY JANE. Baked In Brooklyn will be avialble On Demand on October 17.