Ask any cannabis enthusiast about their favorite method of toking and you’re likely to get a smorgasbord of responses ranging from joints and bongs to vaping and “wait, what’s a smorgasbord?” With the variety of ways to smoke now outnumbering the original Grateful Dead members (barely), you don’t have to be stuck smokeless when you run out of papers or battery life on your vape.

Instead of another lackluster Friday night session with your disgusting resin-saturated glass pipe, do yourself a favor and smoke outside the box. If you’re bored with “traditional” methods and ready to venture out into the exciting world of innovative apparatuses, put Billy Bong Thornton in timeout and check out these 5 most underrated ways to toke: 

#1- The Chalice

Also known as a wisdom chalice or coconut chillum, this crafty smoking device combines the mechanics of a water bong with elements of a hookah to produce a high that will leave your dreadlocks praying to Jah. Rastas believe that cannabis is a gift from Jah meant to be used in abundance and, quite frankly, that sounds like my kind of religion.

The key to getting the full experience with a coconut chalice is to do as the locals do and chop up your greens with a knife. That’s right- no modern fancy-pants grinders allowed. Many seasoned ganja gourmets claim that using a blade to mince your herbs is the best way to do it because the trichomes don’t get ground out of the weed.

Top reason to try the chalice is known for its ability to take seasoned weed veterans and turn them into drooling newbies. Simply put, this thing will knock you on your ass.

#2- The Gravity Bong

Okay, so this might not be the most efficient means of toking if you’re all by your lonesome, but if you’re looking to get a party of two or more cannabis aficionados absolutely blasted, the gravity bong is hard to beat in terms of fun and physics.

For those of you who don’t know what a gravity bong is (or don’t have Google), think of a home-made pipe (a.k.a. an empty 2-liter bottle or milk jug) that harnesses the force of gravity to pull smoke downward into the chamber via water. In other words: pure magic.

What makes the gravity bong so underrated in my humble opinion is its ability to take a small amount of weed and turn it into a goliath hit. When done correctly, one person can easily pull half a joint into a two-liter bottle in one go. If you want to see two hot girls trying out a gravity bong for the first time, check out 2 Girls One Bong.

Top reason to try- this is a fantastic way to impress your rookie party guests and girls will admire your dedication to science- unless you forget to pull the cap before pushing down on the bong, that is.

#3- The Apple Pipe

If you ever found yourself with weed but no way to smoke it, check out the bottom drawer of your refrigerator for the solution to your problem. Go ahead, open it up and tell me what you find in there. An orange? No, keep going. Mold? Definitely don’t make a piece out of that. An apple? Bingo! Now let’s talk produce.

The apple pipe is one of my favorite and most underrated ways to toke because nothing tastes quite like smoking out of a piece of fruit (or vegetable, if you want to be a dick about it). In terms of going au naturel, even your vegan friends won’t have anything to complain about when you bust out a Granny Smith with some Leafs by Snoop packed in the top.

Unless the apple is wrapped in bacon, in which case you might be a genius.

Top reason to try- it’s easy to make and simple to use. All you need is an apple and a pen to poke a couple of holes. Plus when you’re done, you can heave the evidence and feel great knowing it will feed hordes of cannabis-crazy squirrels.

#4- Soda Can

Just kidding. Seriously, don’t ever do this. I’d rather set my weed on fire and smoke it out of my hand than use toxic aluminum to get high.

…The One-Hitter

Highly underrated in my opinion, the one-hitter is a quick and convenient way to get your buzz on in-between classes, ski runs, or writing articles about weed. If you’re looking for a discrete way to smoke, this is a great way to enjoy some finely ground herbage on the down-low.

Hell, there are even one-hitters that look like cigarettes so that when Debbie Downer sees you smoking in public, she’ll just believe you’re inhaling legal carcinogens and not God’s Green Gift to humanity.

Top reason to try- you can carry a one-hitter anywhere without having to pack water, a protective case or spare batteries in order to smoke. A pre-ground mix of top shelf shizzle will ensure that one or two hits will give you just the boost you need to get shit done on the go.

#5- The Hookah

When you’re in a social setting where it just doesn’t make sense to roll up a joint, the hookah is the go-to method of ensuring everybody gets their party favors. The only downside to the hookah is it takes A LOT of weed to get properly hammered. However, this is the ultimate “special occasion” method of toking because it shows your guests that you not only have class, but also that you care about their ability to socialize while getting lifted.

If you haven’t already done so, try mixing your Mary Jane with a tasty flavored tobacco. You may not get as high, but the aroma of cinnamon apple or jungle fruit tangled with your terpenes is SO worth it.

Top reason to try- knocking over a hookah is the best way to enrage your landlord (and your security deposit) when they find burnt holes in the carpet melted all the way down to the flooring. That’ll teach ‘em to fix that A/C unit a little faster next time, now won’t it?