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Denver Broncos Fans are Sparking Up (or Vaping) for Super Bowl 50

As if there's a better combination than marijuana and football...

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Upon pulling off a major upset victory in the AFC Championship, the Denver Bronco’s narrow defeat over the New England Patriots fueled the franchise’s already prolific fan following, and solidified their reputation as one of the hottest teams in recent history. Last Sunday’s AFC Championship drew the second-largest television audience on record, averaging more than 53 million viewers on CBS and more than 60 million viewers during peak time. With league-leading stadium attendances and top rankings in TV viewers, social media interactions and merchandise sales, the Broncos have earned a #2 ranking in Forbes magazine for the NFL’s best fans. Not surprisingly, many football fans in Broncos country are celebrating their team’s success with varieties of legal marijuana, where dispensaries are providing game-specific strains among other orange and blue specials, and canna-chefs are preparing recipes and THC-infused products for delicious, relaxing appetizers and treats to be enjoyed during the big game.  

The matchup between Quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Tom Brady could have been their last battle, as Manning told Patriot’s coach Bill Belichick "this might be my last rodeo” shortly after the game. Now, the Denver Broncos head to Super Bowl 50 hoping for another upset victory, and a chance to go one step further then where they ended in 2014. Will Payton Manning and the Denver Broncos have what it takes to overcome the fierce dominance of Cam Newton’s record setting offense? Or will it be a repeat blowout like their last Super Bowl beating from the Seattle Seahawks? The outcome on the field is hardly predictable, but Manning’s retirement is; and so is the highly inevitable feasting of Colorado’s fine marijuana.

A lot of passionate football fans will be celebrating this year’s big game by sparking up their favorite marijuana strains, and enjoying edibles and other infused game-day treats. While it’s unfortunate NFL players themselves can’t use medical marijuana to treat chronic pain, head injuries and other ailments, there is nothing stopping fans in Colorado from enriching their game-day parties with a safer alternative to alcohol, where marijuana is now legal for adults 21 and older, for both medical and recreational purposes. MERRY JANE recently explored the NFL’s hypocritical drug policies and big alcohol sponsorships, and one former All-Pro offensive lineman has started an organization, the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition, to advocate for policies that would allow football players to access medical marijuana as part of their treatments. According to the Coalition’s website, “the GCC mission is committed to the evolution of the natural healing elements of the cannabis plant.”

The Colorado Harvest Company is one of the oldest and most popular dispensaries in the state, and they’re launching an exclusive special this week leading up to the Super Bowl. Tim Cullen, CEO of Colorado Harvest Company and life-long Broncos fan explained that his store has historically seen increases in foot traffic leading up to big games, “we’re changing our colors obviously, orange and blue for the Broncos, and we’re all very excited”. Cullen shared his enthusiasm for the Broncos, and explained that his sister company O.PenVape is offering a special price of $50.50 out-the-door on select 250mg Sativa and CBD cartridges and orange and blue oil vaporizers.

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Colorado Harvest Company and other dispensaries are restricted from using terms ‘Super Bowl’ or ‘NFL’ on their marketing materials because of trademark protections. In a city like Denver, however, “united in orange” is a common theme to life, and it’s clear to fans of marijuana and football alike that products packaged in orange and blue represent Broncos country and their hometown team.

Colorado Harvest Company is among many dispensaries on the Green Mile on Broadway, and throughout the Denver metro who will be taking part in some form of Broncos themed marketing, and Cullen admits that win or lose it will be another memorable year for the team, and most likely another successful year for his dispensary and vaporizer brand. As the excitement surrounding Super Bowl 50 increases in the final days before the game, many strains with orange and blue in their names will be on special demand (and special sale): Agent Orange, Orange Kush, Blue Dream, Blue Diesel, Blue Magoo, you get the hint.

According to Cullen, the emphasis of these sales is a reflection of the community, and he is thankful that many football fans will be enjoying the Super Bowl with a safe, recreational option, “If we win the Super Bowl, I’m assured it won’t get too out of control because many of our fans are celebrating with marijuana instead of alcohol, it could be kind of mellow”. A message that resonates across Colorado and beyond as marijuana culture continues to integrate with mainstream sports and other channels of entertainment.

Are you over 18?

Are you over 18?