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Super High Score: Fallout 4

This Pip-Boy 710 is all you need in the wastelands of Fallout 4.

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In a post apocalyptic world with non­existence federal laws and a crumbling social infrastructure, the most valuable commodity would be marijuana, and I find it hard to believe that it hasn’t been implemented in any of the Fallout games.

An entire crafting class could be built on the multi­use of cannabis. Not feeling your dirty cowl laced in radiation? Make it out of hemp! No more stimpacks in your arsenal? Smoke enough weed to ward off all injuries and continue your journey in the wastelands. Forget bottle caps, baggies of weed should be used as currency in Fallout. Investments shouldn’t be placed in the ruined radioactive land you own, but the pieces you can smoke out of ­­and this jaw­dropping glass Pip­Boy from @LSDGallery provided by artist Slurm Snobbleton would rule over the wasteland of Fallout.


It’s officially called the Pip­Boy 710 and if you apply a little bit of UV light to it, the entire thing activates like you’ve slapped a power core in it.

Your pothead Fallout fantasies aren’t over, stoned gamer.

The same glass artist that made the 710 Pip­Boy created The Ripper, a weapon that was introduced in ‘The Pitt,’ an expansion released for Fallout 3 and has continued as a rare grab in Fallout 4.

Of course it has to glow under UV light. Of course it does.

There’s no way to contact artist Slurm Snobbleton on social media, but you can follow more of his stoned gaming inspired glass work at @LSDGallery on Instagram.

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