The Heroes of Medical Marijuana
Dennis Peron, father of Medical Marijuana
Jack Herer, the Emperor of Hemp; Cannabis rights activist; and author
'Brownie Mary' earned her nickname by handing out infused brownies to those suffering from AIDS while volunteering at San Francisco General Hospital’s AIDS ward.
Clint Werner, author of "Marijuana, Gateway to Health," which was about his experiences helping cancer and AIDS patients in California
Donald Abrams, a renowned integrative oncologist at the University of San Francisco, who was among the first to study the impact of cannabis on AIDS
Brownie Mary + Clint Werner at Dennis Peron's San Francisco Buyers Club, circa 1993.
Paul Scott with Denis Peron at the Big Top Farm. (Paul Scott was one of Peron's students and founded LA’s Black Gay Pride and served as the city’s County Commissioner on HIV/AIDS from 2002 to 2008. He also owned and operated the Inglewood Wellness Center, a medical marijuana collective, from 1999 to 2013.)
Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad founded the the American Hemp Council; designed and curated Amsterdam’s Hash, Marihuana, and Hemp Museum; and worked as delegates to advise the UN on tolerant international drug policies.
Charlotte Figi has Dravet syndrome, a rare seizure condition that pharmaceuticals can't treat. When she was given CBD, however, it stopped the seizures in a way nothing else did. She is the little girl behind the famous strain and company Charlotte's Web and is the face of the second-wave medical marijuana movement.
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