Litty Snoop Pics from MERRY JANE's Intern
If this man’s pup was friends with your pup, then your dog’s dawgs with Snoop Dogg’s Dog.
I may be failing all my classes, but at least I can’t get an F on my internship... right?
Wait… do interns even get paid?
I’ve been trapped in this office for days. They keep telling me “experience is more valuable than a paycheck”. I’ve been living off of edibles and bong water. Send help.
Sometimes, I look out the only window at the MERRY JANE offices, and see The Doggfather’s outline in the clouds. I wonder aloud to myself, “Why do you do this to me, Uncle Snoop?
Every day the MERRY JANE staffers roll their ‘woods and their swishas. I watch them quietly from my little cubicle as they set their cabbage alight, wishing I could have just one small toke.
I was trying to take down notes during a meeting once, and asked my coworker to give me a pen. They gave me the wrong kind of pen. Now I’m high.
Snoop paid tha cost to be da boss. Now I’m paying the cost to be a low-level, unpaid sack of shit.
Please add me on Linkedin. I need more connections, and I can’t go to networking events because I’m still imprisoned in my cubicle.
Interns are the backbone of every company. So why is MERRY JANE’s backbone composed of jUsT OnE vErTeBRaE.
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