How Many Grams Are in An Ounce of Weed? Here Is Your Guide to Weed Measurements
One Gram is the smallest unit of measurement to buy weed. Why we use the metric system to measure it? Beats me. Maybe cus it’s easier to say 1 gram instead of 1 twenty-eighths. A single gram is usually priced at $10, hence the nickname “Dime Bag”.
The trusty ol’ Eighth, or one-eighth of an ounce, measures out to about 3.5 grams.
One time I bought weed and asked for 2 eighths and the guy looked at me and was like, “You mean a quarter?”. I thought I was good at math but my brain couldn’t wrap my head around it. A quarter weighs out to approx 7 grams, or 2 eighths.
A half ounce measures out to approx 14 grams, or 4 eighths.
An ounce, or “Zip”, measures out to approx 28 grams, or 8 eighths. But never ask for 8 eighths.
A Quarter Pound, or QP, weighs out to 4 ounces.
How many ounces are in a pound? A wopping 16 ounces, or 453 grams. That’s a lot of weed!
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