Bongs Reimagined as High School Yearbook Photos
The Prettiest: HVY Glass Pink Bong, cell phone calculator, small plastic statue of the Eiffel Tower, bedazzled 420, chandelier glass, feather boa, silk daisies, bamboo umbrellas, cashmere blanket.
The Saltiest: Beta Glass Labs Beta Glass Labs Omega in amber/purple, seashells.
The Most Likely to Succeed: POUNDS Battleship, fidget spinner, ruler, glasses, "Democracy in America," The Random House College Dictionary, 2B pencils, awards.
The Most Nostalgic: ROOR Pink Panther, J. Crew pink jacket, lamp, silk daisies, Max Mara leopard print jacket, blanket.
The Most Likely to Move to Tokyo: Zob 18” Inline Straight Diffused Tube, Sailor Moon 1 - 7, Tsubasa 10 - 15, Othello 1 - 7, plastic cherry blossoms, jean jacket.
The Most Magical: Goo Roo Mushroom Bong, bark, plastic fairies, music box, “A House to Dream In,” candles, silk Wisteria flowers, light up Birch tree.
The Most Likely to Yeehaw: Chameleon UV Reactive Pipe, horseshoe, Breyer horses, cowboy boot, printed fabric.
The Class Tripper: Goo Roo Couch Potato, mirror, holographic board.
The Greenest Thumb: ROOR Yellow Daisies, silk daisies, plastic rocks, "Advanced Simulation" butterflies, brick, hand crocheted table adornment.
The Most Cali: Mobius Custom 14’er Circle x Rook Collab 2019 , Matilija poppies, California poppies, various guides to Californian wildlife, Santa Barbara County mountain bike map, straw hat, model of El Camino Real bell.
The Most Likely to Punch Someone in the Face: Zob OG Beaker, towels, tampons, real & fake candles, matches, big glass of red wine, Aveeno oatmeal bath, toilet paper, bubbles, and a copy of 'People Magazine.'
The Most Likely to Start a Wind Chime Collection: Special K Growler Bong, Special K Spiral Neck Bong, Special K Soft Glass Bong, 'Test Your ESP,' 'Full Moons: Fact and Fiction,' 'Chakra Therapy,' 'Krishnamurti,' 'The Firebrand,' 'Linda Goodman’s Love Signs,' rose, matches, sage, candles, crystals, assorted fabric, 1978 calendar plate.
The Most Likely to Meet Belle Delphine: Manifest Glassworks, Gameboy Advance, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, silk rose, oversized Pokemon card, tattoo sleeve, Cup Noodles, Goldfish, Bubble Tape, plastic muffins, shot-sized Solo Cups, Entemann’s powdered doughnuts, grape soda, gummy bears.
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