Wisconsin Lawmakers Begin Statewide Tour in Support of Medical Marijuana Legalization
Rep. Chris Taylor & Sen. Jon Erpenbach co-sponsored two medical cannabis bills earlier this year, but their attempts have been stalled by the state’s Republican leadership.
Published on October 19, 2017

Lead photo via Sen. Jon Erpenbach

While cannabis reform legislation has taken root in 29 of America’s 50 states, Wisconsin has been reluctant to welcome medical cannabis. Despite Democratic lawmakers’ best efforts to decriminalize possession, initiate a medical marijuana program and legalize adult-use cannabis entirely, Governor Scott Walker and the state’s Republican leadership have either shot down or delayed every such attempt, leaving Badger State residents no choice but to seek out black market sources for their medical and recreational cannabis needs.

Now, after introducing two medical marijuana bills only to have them stalled in the legislature, Wisconsin lawmakers Chris Taylor and Jon Erpenbach have begun a statewide tour to educate residents and elected officials alike about the potential of cannabis as a medical treatment.

"We've heard situations over and over again where people have put themselves in danger in order to go out and get what they feel is their medicine. And like I said earlier, the legislature should not be in the way of this. They shouldn't be putting Wisconsinites in harm's way," Sen. Erpenbach told a gathered crowd at the Brown County Courthouse, the duo’s stop in Green Bay on their statewide speaking tour.

As local ABC affiliate WBAY reports, Rep. Taylor and Sen. Erpenbach are co-sponsors of Assembly Bill 75 and Senate Bill 38 — almost identical pieces of legislation from each branch of the Wisconsin state house aiming to legalize and regulate access to medical cannabis for qualifying residents.

Governor Walker has already expressed opposition to both bills, but that won’t stop Taylor and Erpenbach from traveling across Wisconsin to spread their message. After all, Walker only has one year guaranteed left in office before facing re-election next year.

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