Wild Boars Pigged Out on $20,000 Worth of Gangsters's Cocaine
A herd of boars made the Tuscany police’s job much, much easier.
Published on November 14, 2019

While bricks of cocaine keep washing up on random shores around the world, one massive stash of coca powder nestled in the Tuscany woods got raided — not by cops, but by a group of wild boars.

Tuscany police stumbled on the development while investigating a group of men suspected of cocaine trafficking. The investigation began in 2018 with a murder of a 21-year-old woman, which led authorities to one Italian and three Albanian gangsters who hid their caches of cocaine in jars in a nearby forest. 

During wiretaps on the four men, police caught one conversation referring to the boar incident. Allegedly, roaming boars found one of the cocaine stashes valued at £17,000 (roughly $20,000 USD) and completely tore into it, rendering it unsellable, according to the Daily Mail.

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Police believe the four men moved 2 kilograms of cocaine every month from September 2018 to March 2019. Two of the men are already in prison; the other two are currently under house arrest, Tuscana Media News reported.

Millions of wild boar are estimated to roam the Italian countryside, and neither the gangsters nor the police have any clue what happened to the swine that broke into the cocaine cans. While there have been no reports in Tuscany of coked up hogs attacking people or crashing the local nightclubs, we can’t help but wonder what “the other white meat” must taste like when it’s been amped up on blow. 

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