White Castle Is Celebrating 420 This Year With Burger Discounts
As a wise man once said: They've got those itty-bitty grilled onions that just explode in your mouth like flavor crystals every time you bite into one.
Published on April 19, 2023

There are so, so many ways to celebrate 420 this year — but the White Castle fast food chain is banking on your festivities involving the need for a nice greasy burger. The restaurants will be offering a discount on 420 for those ordering their caloric wares online.

How to cash in on this munchtastic offer? Enter the code CRAVINGS when you go to scoop your fast food feast when ordering on the internet. The gambit will garner you a 20% discount on the total amount for your meal. The news will be well-received by the estimated 40% of cannabis consumers who will be taking Thursday off from work (according to one poll of 900 such individuals.)

“This Thursday — 4/20 — a lot of people are going to be craving White Castle even more than usual, if you know what I mean,” predicted the company in a press statement, WGN9 Chicago reported.

White Castle is not the only fast food chain that is gearing up for the high holiday. Jack in the Box is actually featuring a whole 420 menu in honor of its toking customer base featuring the return of its Pineapple Express Shake, plus new items the Pineapple Express Chicken Sandwich and the Express Red Bull Infusion. (“Presumably, the Red Bull Infusion is for you couch-locked indica lovers out there,” surmised MERRY JANE upon publication of this particular tidbit earlier this week.)

Jack has a lot of nerve bringing back the items, particularly after a stoner hero took to the internet to upbraid the chain for illegitimately making hay from his iconic marijuana production. In 2022, Seth Rogan tweeted that, “This has nothing to do with the movie Pineapple Express. We had nothing to do with this and weren’t asked if we wanted our film associated with this. And obviously if we did a tie in, it would have to be to promote those bizarre fucking diarrhea inducing taco things they sell" [sic].

But frankly, White Castle has more stoner cred than Jack in the Box ever did (despite the fact that yours truly collaborated with the brand back in 2017 on a “MERRY Munchie Meal,” heh.)

That’s largely due to the chain having been featured in the 2004 cannabis classic buddy comedy Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. The movie saw the eventual film franchise duo franticly searching for a White Castle location after their local restaurant was replaced by a way-less-satisfying “Burger Shack.”

What food corporation wouldn’t be happy with a commercially successful film focusing on the addictiveness of its products for drug users? Certainly, White Castle was not above capitalizing on the Harold & Kumar plot — the company gave the film’s production company license permission and even put out a series of tie-in products at their locations. That was allegedly the first time such an agreement was established for an R-rated film.

Last year, White Castle announced the company had sold 6 billion of its famous sliders since its founding.

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Caitlin Donohue
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