Weed Sales Are Expected to Be Historic on 4/20 This Year
Sales data shows that more weed is sold on 4/20 than any other day of the year, and this year is expected to be the biggest yet.
Published on April 15, 2019

If last year was any indication, this year’s 4/20 may mark the biggest for legal weed sales. Ever.

According to data from the analytics firm Headset, Inc., last year’s 4/20 sales topped all previous years. Traditionally, cannabis retailers see sales double on the day of, or the days immediately leading up to, the April 20th celebration, which Bloomberg described as the tokers’ “Fourth of July.”

The sales-doubling pattern occurs regardless of how long a state has offered legal weed. The data compared Colorado, Washington, Nevada, and California’s figures, states which legalized across a time period from 2014 (Colorado and Washington) to 2018 (California).

Last year’s 4/20 fell on a Friday, which may partially explain why sales then broke previous records. This year’s 4/20 falls on a Saturday, and Headset, Inc. anticipates this year’s sales will exceed 2018’s.

This Saturday marks Canada’s first recreationally legal 4/20, too.

The origins of the 4/20 celebration remain somewhat murky, but the unofficially-official marijuana holiday has become a tradition in both legal and prohibition states. During the celebration, cannabis lovers gather in public places to spark up at 4:20pm, in defiance of local and federal laws. Even in legal weed states, public consumption of cannabis is considered a civil offense subject to fines.

Get ready for some dispensary lines this Saturday. 

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Randy Robinson
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