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Video: Time-Lapse of a Cannabis Grow

Watch this seedling grow into a massive crystalized flower.

by Audrey Livingston

by Audrey Livingston

Just like any plant, growing cannabis takes time and patience. It’s specific measurements of sunlight, soil, water, etc. vary depending on strains. Indoor grows are becoming popular due to these specific needs and the ability to control most variables, such as artificial light, which is important to have when growing high quality flower.

Certain physical appearances of flower signify the difference in strains. Sativa plants tend to have long, thin leaves while indica plants appear bushy and dense. Outdoor grows are better suited for sativa plants due to their longer grow time and less-obedient growth habits. Because of its nature for producing headier buds, Indica, on the other hand, is the go-to strain for indoor grows.

Many factors must be considered when taking care of flower. Research, read and understand everything there is to know about growing your own cannabis so you can produce remarkably healthy buds.


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Audrey Livingston

A Texas native living in Boulder, Audrey Livingston enjoys writing about the essence of human nature, the developing medicinal cannabis industry and research-focused studies that,to anyone else, would seem extremely boring.



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