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Video: Lesser Known Benefits of Marijuana Explained

You might know most of the positive outcomes of medical marijuana, but do you know these facts?

by Audrey Livingston

by Audrey Livingston

Through recent developments within the marijuana industry, some benefits have emerged such as pain relief, immune support and other types of pain reduction. These benefits have caused a stir among innovative cannabis researchers who constantly explore different ways marijuana can help patients.

Cancer, weight, the lungs and the brain are some areas of focus in a few recent studies. Cancer isn’t a new category when discussing the advantages of THC. However, a new study has found that marijuana may help reduce tumor growth. The research remains uncertified for now, but could be considered a topic of discussion in the fight against cancer.

In a study published by TIME, data showed that marijuana positively affects the lungs of a moderate user, contrary to popular belief. This new discovery could provide helpful change, like a swimmer’s performance or a tuba player’s lung expansion.

Many studies have shown how marijuana helps patients with eating disorders, but a recent study showed that cannabis consumers tend to have smaller waistlines than non-smokers. Though necessary parties do not yet recognize this study, it could potentially open up the possibility for lowering the national rate of obesity and diabetes.

Keep in mind these are base-ground studies; they haven’t been declared completely accurate. However, they are the starting ground for making major headway in the development of marijuana.


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Audrey Livingston

A Texas native living in Boulder, Audrey Livingston enjoys writing about the essence of human nature, the developing medicinal cannabis industry and research-focused studies that,to anyone else, would seem extremely boring.



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