Tyson Puts Ric Flair in 'Cannabis Coma,' Cheech & Chong Dominate Twitter, Aurora to Sell Orchids: MJ Daily News Wrap Up
Why TF is Aurora Cannabis moving into the orchids business? Plus, Mike Tyson out-smokes wrestling legend Ric Flair, and Twitter lights up with infused gummy ads.
Published on August 11, 2023

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Welcome to the MJ Daily News Wrap Up for Friday, August 11! 

Mike Tyson KO’ed Ric Flair With That Killer Hook (Up)

Retired wrestling icon Ric Flair recounted a killer smoke sesh with his new business partner, heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson.

According to Flair, “I got so high with Mike one night in the Hamptons, that I went into a cannabis coma. I actually thought I died,’ he said on the Theo Von on This Past Weekend podcast, according to Metro.

Flair says he was carried back to his room, where his squad regularly checked on him. He eventually slept it off, and now runs his own celebrity weed brand -- Ric Flair Drip -- under the Tyson 2.0 label


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Cheech & Chong’s Ganja Gummies Ads Light Up Twitter

Cheech & Chong’s new weed ads have become so prevalent on Twitter (now known as X), even the social media site’s new owner, Elon Musk, had to say something about it.

Musk tweeted (or xeeted, or whatever unpronounceable thing he’s calling it now) that Cheech & Chong’s infused gummy ads were practically carrying the company’s advertising revenues. He was just joking, though. At least, that’s what Benzinga reported since Musk is currently restricting access to his own social media network (presumably in the name of free speech).

However, several users noted Cheech & Chong’s ads pretty much filled their entire feed:

Regardless, good for Cheech & Chong to claim their piece of the cannabis pie. They earned it.

Aurora Cannabis May Start Selling… Orchids?!

Canadian pot giant Aurora Cannabis is already involved in the flower business. But the company may soon start growing plain ol’ orchids to make up for years of dismal financial performance.

To be fair, Aurora has begun pulling itself out of a mountain of debt. It reported a quarterly loss of $28.3 million, which actually isn’t that bad compared to last year’s loss of $618.8 million. That means the company already narrowed the gap by half a billion bucks using some sound investment strategies.

One of those strategies included the acquisition of Bevo AgTech, which specializes in growing crops and, apparently, orchids. 

"Prefinished orchids in North America are mainly sourced from overseas with the cost and quality issues that brings, but the capital required to build the highly controlled environment to grow orchids in North America is a barrier," Aurora’s chief executive Miguel Martin said during a recent conference call, according to CTV Edmonton.

Hopefully, Aurora’s new flower venture isn’t subject to the same black-market competition as their mainstay agricultural product.

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