The “Workaholics” Crew Actually Smoked Weed on the Show’s Infamous Roof
During an interview, Adam DeVine explained that the comedy trio would regularly blaze with fans on the roof of the house where the series was filmed.
Published on July 9, 2019

Comedy Central’s Workaholics pushed a lot of boundaries in a culture that’s pathologically jaded. Following three drug-addled underachievers who work for a generic telemarketing company, the show featured rapping wizards, shroom-dosed lemonade, a business trip while tripping acid, and addictions to high-school sports betting.

Throughout the series, the Workaholics trio would often unwind after a hard day of not working by holding smoking seshes on the roof of their perpetually trashed party house. Adam DeVine, one of the show’s co-creators and the actor who plays Adam, the trio’s overconfident idiot, recently appeared on Hot Ones to scarf down buffalo wings while sharing some behind-the-scenes tales from the show’s set.

“A lot of people don’t know that we lived in that house. Like, that was our house,” DeVine said during the interview. “All of season one we were living there. Grips were running cables and setting up lights in my bedroom as I’m waking up… then I’d walk out in my boxer shorts to get craft services in the morning.”

DeVine also confirmed that, yes, the cast would actually smoke real weed on the show’s infamous roof. And as the series blew up in popularity, things, expectedly, got weird.

“Sometimes we’d climb on a roof with a stranger,” DeVine continued. “But then you climb on roofs too many times with strangers and think: This is weird. Is this how I die? Some deranged fan thinks, I could push him off. So we eventually stopped climbing on the roofs.”

Check out the full interview with Adam DeVine below. It’s totally tight butthole.

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