The US Receives Its First Nationally Accredited Cannabis Course
College students can now study cannabis in a formal setting.
Published on December 7, 2015

Photo: Daily Mail

Students today are gravitating towards fringe majors, with courses covering everything from Beer Science to Comedy. As a cannabis enthusiast, why not study something that you're passionate about? Now, you can enter into a degree in Bachelors of Health Administration with a Specialization in Cannabinoid Therapies, or a Bachelors of Business with a Specialization in Cannabis Operations.  

GEAR International recently announced the launch of the nation's first accredited cannabis course in association with the Cannabis Career Institute(CCI), a Cannaworx company, at Dunlap-Stone University. Dunlap-Stone University is recognized by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission(DEAC) and the U.S. Department of Education. The nation's first accredited cannabis education program is entitled “The Modern Cannabis Industry.”  

Having cannabis studies taught at a college level helps end the lazy, amotivational reputation that some cannabis users still face. Cannabis in college is more popular than ever. 5.9 percent of college students said they smoke cannabis “daily or near-daily” in a recent study.  

Cannabis-only colleges like Oaksterdam University exist, however, no one else can claim accreditation.  Dr. Donald Burton is President of Dunlap-Stone University. "It's the only one in the country that's gone through that rigorous process to get approved,” said Burton. "You wouldn't think that a plumber would be involved in the industry, but they are big time.”  According to Dr. Burton, there are 450 unique cannabis jobs in the field.  

Students in Health Care Administration can choose the Cannabis Career Institute as an elective. Students briefly cover cannabis history with all of its myths. Students then learn about the scientific developments related to cannabis and cannabis extracts. The six-week online course covers the emerging cannabis industry and the jobs that it creates. Dunlap-Stone University is a private, online college base in Phoenix, Arizona. “Our curriculum development specialists paid special attention to making this course a balanced, unbiased presentation of the facts about this rapidly growing industry and the career opportunities it represents,” wrote Burton, “I believe students everywhere will be amazed by what is happening in the cannabis industry today. The growth in jobs and careers is staggering.”  

The Cannabis Career Institute is the nation's leading career information source. The recognition from the Department of Education is a historic moment. Cannaworx has educated others about the embryonic stages of cannabis and breakthrough therapies. Dr. Gerry Bedore is president of Cannaworx as well as a Cannabis Career faculty member. “This program, made possible by the insightful faculty and management team at Dunlap-Stone University with the assistance of subject matter experts from the Cannabis Career Institute, is an important breakthrough in cannabis education", said Dr. Bedore,“By having this nationally accredited program available online to the world, it advances awareness of the cannabis industry’s benefits, as well as highlights the related career opportunities.” Dr. Bedore has worked toward identifying practical applications for cannabinoids in his research over the years.  

Students can expect to learn skills that are actually beneficial in the cannabis industry. Classes for the Modern Cannabis Industry begin December 10th.

Benjamin M. Adams
Benjamin Adams is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in a slew of publications including CULTURE, Cannabis Now Magazine, and Vice. Follow Ben on Twitter @BenBot11
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