The Cheech & Chong Burrito Is Real and Available During the Weirdest 420 Ever
Hey, at least some things are going right during the coronapocalypse, eh? On top of the "Up in Smoke"-inspired burrito, even Panda Express is getting in on the stoner holidaze this year.
Published on April 20, 2020

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Buffalo, New York may not have legal recreational weed, but the city is still going buds-out this April 20th. 

For instance, Lloyd’s Tacos will offer a Cheech & Chong-themed burrito on this very special — and very fucking weird — 4/20. The burrito comes stuffed with shredded roasted pork, spicy barbecue sauce, dill pickles, “crunchies,” and shredded Romaine lettuce and cabbage — topped with mayo and rolled up with a stack of crispy fried "Mackin' Cheese" sticks. Even the goddamn Finkelsteins could appreciate this dish at the sweet price of just $8.99.


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There’s more! As Buffalo News reported, a few other restaurants are also hopping on the weed train today. Macy’s Place Pizzeria (also only in New York) has a Wake ‘n’ Bake pizza loaded with pepperoni, jalapenos, tater tots, and waffle fries to perfectly complement your post-4:20pm couch-lock with some carb-heavy itis. 

For national companies, Panda Express, the Chinese chow chain, has a special today just for the tokers. Anyone can get four (4) bowl items for $20. And in case you thought that auspicious numbering was pure coincidence, the promo code for the deal on the Panda Express app is “4BOWLS420,” and it kicks off today. The promo ends on April 30th, 2020. 

And White Castle, the fortuitous destination for the dank dynamic duo Harold and Kumar, is offering a special "Muncheese" Menu today. For $4.20, the meal deal includes a double cheese slider smothered in those “little, itty-bitty grilled onions that just explode in your mouth like flavor crystals every time you bite into one,” a pack of cheese sticks, a side of cheese sauce, and a small drink to wash down all that cheese.

For the folks down in Miami, Florida, pair your medical marijuana with some Coyo Tacos today. Its $4.20 menu includes Purple Haze tacos made with hongos and mushrooms (the non-magical kind), OG Kush pollo al carbon tacos, and Sour Diesel cochinita tacos. For dessert, try the Maui Wowie churros and chase it all down with a MFin’ gallon of margarita, which they’ll deliver or make available at curbside pickup. 

Chances are, whether recreational weed is legal in your area or not, there may be a 420-themed munchies special near you today. While you’re blazing bong loads of bodaciously heady buds, look up your favorite local eateries online to see what they’ve got going on. It’s not like you’ve got anywhere else to go during quarantine!

And don’t forget to check out Snoop’s live streamed DJ set today at 4:20pm PST to celebrate The Chronic’s worldwide digital re-release — only at MERRY JANE’s Instagram. No stems, no seeds, no sticks, no stress!

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