THC Tall Cans? AriZona Beverage Company Joins the Weed Industry
America’s best-selling tea brand is teaming up with one of Colorado’s infused drinkables companies to bring us weed products. Could a new type of “green” tea be on the horizon?
Published on August 7, 2019

AriZona’s green teas are available in practically every gas station and grocery store in the US. And we may soon see AriZona bringing another kind of green tea to the market — teas infused with the other green: marijuana.

New York’s AriZona Beverage Company recently struck a partnership deal with Colorado’s Dixie Elixirs to produce a new line of cannabis-infused products for legal markets.

The partnership, announced on Wednesday, merges the nation’s top-selling tea manufacturer with one of the Centennial State’s best-known drinkables brands. Although neither company has revealed any juicy details on the new THC-loaded line, the products will bear AriZona’s famous brand name and logo.

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“The cannabis category is an ideal space to bring the flavor and fun of AriZona into new and exciting products,” AriZona’s chairman and co-founder, Don Vultaggio, said in a press release. “[W]e selected Dixie Brands as our partner to bring these products to market after touring their best-in-class manufacturing facilities… Both companies share a heritage of quality, excellence in manufacturing, and doing things the right way, and we look forward to all this partnership has in store."

Dixie Elixirs initially established itself as an infused drinkables manufacturer when it was founded in 2010. Since then, the company has expanded its product line to include infused chocolates, mints, drops, gummies, and topicals.

AriZona, though best known for its giant cans of tea, also produces energy drinks, fruit cocktails, sodas, sports drinks, and flavored waters. 

So, while details on the new partnership remain under wraps, it’s probably safe to assume that it will definitely include weed-infused drinks. Currently, drinkables are the worst-selling segment of the legal cannabis market, but mainstream beverage corporations have already poured billions of dollars into this promising sector, anticipating it will introduce a generation of weed-wary consumers to the cannabis space by offering THC in a familiar, more socially-acceptable form.

"AriZona is a power brand and the most iconic and recognized CPG [consumer packaged goods] brand to extend into the cannabis market,” said Dixie’s CEO, Chuck Smith, in a press release. “This partnership marks a watershed moment for the popularization and expansion of the cannabis sector overall.” 

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