Thailand’s Prime Minister Puffs Weed Vape at Medical Marijuana Press Conference
Leaders from the Southeast Asian nation posed for photos with a giant pot leaf mascot and vaped cannabis oil at a press conference praising the country’s new MMJ program.
Published on December 13, 2019

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Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha took puffs from a cannabis vaporizer pen and rubbed marijuana oil behind his ears in front of news cameras and excited onlookers this week, as the Southeast Asian nation debuted a new educational website to help patients navigate the country’s newly-legal medical marijuana program.

According to Marijuana Moment, Prime Minister Prayut posed for photos with a large plush pot leaf mascot named Dr. Ganja, as local children celebrated with their own miniature Dr. Ganja dolls. 

Thailand legalized medical cannabis one year ago, but did not open its first marijuana clinic until this past month. The country plans to open 31 more clinics soon, but in the meantime, patients are legally allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants at home. On the new state-run website,, patients will learn proper cultivation techniques, fine points of Thailand’s marijuana laws, and in-depth info about current medical research surrounding the plant.

“This website will serve as a bridge to link the public to the academic information and facts about the use of cannabis for medical purposes,” Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said at the press conference.

After trying weed in front of the media, anxious on-lookers, and Dr. Ganja, Prime Minister Prayut said that he planned to purchase legal medical marijuana from the state-run program, as well. As of press time, though, the Prime Minister did not mention whether or not he would take advantage of the home grow provision and seed six pot plants at Bangkok’s famed Phitsanulok Mansion.

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