Texas Man Arrested for Stashing a Quarter Pound of Pot in a Bag of Cheetos
With that amount of weight, we’re guessing it was a family-sized bag of Cheetos...
Published on January 29, 2020

A San Antonio, Texas man was caught orange-handed this week after police officers discovered four ounces of cannabis hidden in a bag of Cheetos during a routine traffic stop.

According to the San Antonio Current, 33-year-old Carmelo Deleon was pulled over earlier this month after cops said he ran a red light. While he was being pulled over, one of the police officers on the scene said that they smelled marijuana, and asked Deleon if there was any weed in the car. 

At that point, Deleon decided to cut his losses and fess up to carrying weed in the car. But instead of pulling a few buds out of the center console or glove box, he directed the officers to a bag of Cheetos sitting on the passenger seat. Inside, cops uncovered 114 grams of weed, separated from the orange dust by a plastic baggie

Broken down into more standard measurements, Deleon's stash was four ounces or a quarter pound. With that kind of weight, we’re guessing the snack bag was family-sized. But unlike recent weed busts that uncovered wholesale-sized bags of “Flaming Hot Weedos” edibles, early reports indicate that Deleon’s munchies were simply a poorly-insulated stash bag, and did not contain any cheese curls infused with THC.

And while a few Texas cities have passed penalty-reducing decriminalization laws, San Antonio is still strict when it comes to pot. As such, Deleon is currently awaiting trial for cannabis possession charges. 

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