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Texans are way more enthusiastic about legal weed than they are about any of their elected officials, according to a new poll.

The University of Texas at Tyler asked 1,232 registered voters to share their opinions about politicians, policies, and hot-button topics in early May. Out of every topic covered in the survey, cannabis legalization turned out to be one of the most popular alternatives. A solid 83% of Texans said they wanted their home state to legalize medical marijuana, and 60% said that they supported full adult-use legalization.

Recreational legalization drew majority support from Democrats (76%) and independents (64%), but 57% of Republicans still said they opposed adult-use weed. But when it comes to medical marijuana, majority support crossed all party lines. Nearly every Democratic voter (91%) said they supported medical pot, as did 85% of independents and 74% of Republicans.

As a whole, cannabis reform proved to be more popular than most other topics covered in the survey. Only 46% of Texans want to see the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade, and only 48% support Governor Abbott’s decision to allow child protective services to investigate families who provide gender-affirming care to trans children. Texans also showed more support for legal weed than they did for local cops, the NRA, or building a border wall.

Most Texans also feel like their elected officials are doing a poor job. Only 46% of voters said that they approved of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s approval rating was only 40%. Democratic lawmakers were even less popular – President Biden’s approval rating in Texas sank to 39%, and gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke fared marginally better, at 42%.

The results of the survey clearly indicate that Texas politicians are not listening to their constituents. Voters in Austin and a few other Texas cities have decriminalized weed on a local level, but Texas does not allow its residents to directly change state law via ballot measures. If Texans want to legalize weed, they will have to vote for politicians who will fight the cause for them – and this poll indicates that they are ready to do so.

“Polling continues to show that Texans want a change to the status quo,” said Jax James, executive director for Texas NORML, to Marijuana Moment. “Bipartisan support for robust medical access and a regulated adult-use market is overwhelming. It is time for legislators to do the work of implementing the voters’ wishes in the 2023 legislative session.”

Other state and national polls have shown that cannabis legalization remains far more popular than politicians or popular issues. Legal weed is way more popular in Maryland than President Biden is, and other polls have found that legalization is more popular than a federal $15 minimum wage, immigration reform, or the climate. And according to a poll from this January, most Americans would totally be down to vote for a politician that smokes weed.