Teenager Arrested for Watching “South Park” While Stoned and Driving
The 18-year-old is now facing two misdemeanor charges because he couldn’t wait until he got home to spark up and watch the latest episode.
Published on November 22, 2019

Sometimes the latest episode of a new TV show is so anticipated that it’s hard to wait and find out the new plot points and punchlines. But if you’re driving around with a bag of weed and a pipe in your car, firing up the cable app on your smartphone to check out the latest episode of South Park is definitely ill-advised.

According to concurrent reports from the Iowa City Gazette and KCRG News, that’s exactly what 18-year-old Griffen Vogelgesang-Maurer was doing earlier this week when he was pulled over by local police. In a report made after the fact, cops said that they saw Vogelgensang-Maurer using his phone to watch TV while he was driving and made a routine traffic stop.

Once they approached the vehicle, though, officers on the scene said that they encountered an overwhelming smell of marijuana. The 18-year-old admitted that he had been smoking weed and handed over a small bag of bud and a pipe.

And while sober distracted driving might have been handled with a stern warning or a slap on the wrist, the combination of cannabis and cartoons was too much for officers to ignore. Vogelgesang-Maurer was arrested and charged with two misdemeanor counts, one for cannabis possession and another for driving under the influence. To add insult to injury, the teen also received a citation for using an electronic device while driving.

Unfortunately, the police report did not mention if Vogelgesang-Maurer was multitasking while watching old seasons of the show, or if he was catching up on the latest update in Randy Marsh’s Tegrity Weed saga.

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