Spanish Cops Uncover 16,000 Black Market Weed Plants Hidden in Remote Forest
70 police officers were needed to carry the contraband out of the dense forest grow site that was only accessible by foot.
Published on November 19, 2019

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Spanish National Police forces uncovered a sophisticated clandestine cannabis grow hidden deep in a dense forest clearing that cops are calling the rural region’s biggest cannabis bust ever. 

According to The Guardian, police chopped down more than 16,000 cannabis plants weighing more than three and a half tons, and arrested six people at the marijuana cultivation site in a pine forest in Aragón, Spain. To disguise their clandestine agriculture, the pot grow was only accessible by a 30-minute ATV ride and an additional 30-minute foot hike from the nearest road.

“The gang had cut down large areas of pine trees to maximise the amount of space for growing marijuana,” police said in a statement. “They had also adapted gullies to store water, which was then fed to the plantations using pumps, hoses, and electrical generators. The gang had established camps that had everything needed for lengthy stays, including a large supply of non-perishable goods and even a stone oven.”

To make sure that their plants were growing according to schedule, the criminal organization kept the hidden grow site under 24/7 surveillance watch. 

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But while the illicit operation was seemingly run like a well-oiled machine, the crew only got caught after tipping their hand with another set of crimes. In a statement made after the bud bust, Spanish National Police said that they were alerted to the pot peddlers after the gang was initially investigated for stealing cigarette vending machines from local bars and gas stations.

Once the hidden cannabis forest was found, though, police ran into trouble getting the massive haul of pot plants out of the remote enclave. During the September raid, 70 police officers were needed to carry the contraband on the hike necessary to reach the closest ATV paths. By the end of the day, Aragón officials said that the 16,000 raid was the largest pot bust in the history of the area.

“The operation has seen the complete dismantling of the six-person gang and the seizure of 16,000 plants weighing a total of 3.5 tons,” said the statement. “It is the biggest seizure to date of marijuana in Aragón.”

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