Someone Turned an Old Police Station Into a Massive, Illegal Weed Farm
The former station allegedly housed over 1,000 dank-ass plants.
Published on July 8, 2019

UK police discovered an abandoned pot farm hidden in a former police station.

On July 3, Greater Manchester Police said they initially entered the old station house “believing it was insecure,” Newsweek reported. Six years ago, the police left the station due to budget cuts, and the building was eventually auctioned to a private owner.

Police did not clarify if the owner was aware of the marijuana grow. When exactly the growers vacated the property was not confirmed, either.

The police said they found soil, potting supplies, lights, and root balls – but no plants. They estimated over 1,000 plants were being cultivated at the former station, with a total weight worth nearly $2 million USD in street value, wrote the Daily Mail. All the grow’s evidence was donated to a nearby horticultural hub.

And, of course, social media users chimed in with the wit after police announced the find.

"I know you're short on funding,” wrote one individual, “but this is a bit much….”

“I think this might be what they call SPECIAL BRANCH of the police force,” quipped another.

Police believe the growers lived on the premises, but no suspects have yet been named. Regardless, the “gardeners” likely moved the plants elsewhere, so at least someone, somewhere, may still get to puff on some five-o weed.

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