Snoop Dogg Refrains From Smoking Weed at MTV Movie Awards: "I've Changed My Ways"
At last year's ceremony, Tha Doggfather got lit while walking the red carpet. But while turning over a new leaf at this year's show, he said he would abide by the law.
Published on June 7, 2022

In what may be a historical first, Snoop Dogg remained sober during a very public celebrity romp.

During the red carpet event at last Sunday's MTV Movie & TV Awards, Snoop told Entertainment Tonight, "No, I ain't smoking tonight," with a chuckle. "I'm trying to abide by the law." 

He added, "I've changed my ways. I've become better."

The ceremony took place in Los Angeles. Although recreational weed has been legal in California since 2018, smoking cannabis in public or at most private venues is banned, with violations often resulting in fines. 

Snoop's decision to attend the ceremony free of weed is unusal, but not unprecedented. While photos suggest he got blazed right before his iconic Super Bowl LVI half-time show earlier this year, he has quit the herb multiple times in the past. Of course, he always came back to Mary Jane, in the end.

Additionally, Snoop -- who is on pretty much everyone's bucket list for a celebrity smoke sesh -- has turned down offers to smoke with other celebs, as well. In an interview with YouTuber Paul Logan, he said he missed an opportunity to burn a blunt with NBA superstar Michael Jordan after turning down a DJ gig offered by the baller. 

While the D-O-double-G may be setting a good example, he may be refraining from copiously catching highs simply because he's so damn busy lately. According to the latest reports, Snoop recently inked a deal to appear as a playable character in the video game Call of Duty, will be opening a Bored Ape-themed NFT restaurant, and he may even be performing with international K-pop sensations BTS as a special guest.

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