Rapper Paul Wall and Laganja Estranja Just Got High AF on MERRY JANE's "What's In the Box"
The third episode of "What's in the Box," MERRY JANE’s newest IG Live series, dropped yesterday featuring legendary drag queen Laganja Estranja and Houston-based rapper Paul Wall who gave us the smokiest toke sesh of 2020 — hands down.
Published on October 29, 2020

Yesterday afternoon legendary drag queen Laganja Estranja and Houston-born rapper Paul Wall got high AF on MERRY JANE’s Instagram for a third episode of “What’s in the Box.” 

If you haven’t seen the show on our IG Live, you’re definitely missing out. But it’s cool because we’re just getting started. In collaboration with ZigZag, MERRY JANE sent Laganja (our dope host) and Paul Wall mystery boxes full of 420 smoking essentials, weed, and snacks, and had them reveal what's inside. While they smoked up, the duo discussed life in Texas (Laganja is from Dallas!), voting in 2020, and music that makes you want to drop down and get your eagle on. 

Ms. Laganja Estranja arrived looking like an ultra-chic version of Katy Perry with violet-tinted hair, while Paul Wall showed up to the sesh in a ZigZag sweatshirt, puffing on a half-smoked blunt — so you know the vibe only got higher from there. And truth be told: We haven’t had a smokier episode than this one.

Laganja was gifted an eighth of flower from cannabis brand Wonderbrett and Paul got several of their pre-rolls in his box. As soon as they located the weed, Paul and Laganja wasted no time getting high. “Paul, they made it easy on you by giving you pre-roll,” Laganja said, flashing her grey-purple nails to the camera. “I’m wearing way shorter nails this week. The last time we did a ‘What’s in the Box’ my nails were so long I could hardly roll a joint.”

As the duo lit up, Laganja immediately asked about Paul's latest project. "I was only supposed to record about 3 or 5 songs," he said, referring to his new album Subculture. "But we knocked out so many songs, we just kept doing more and then next thing you know we had about 12 tracks. [The album] is a representation of the underground, and bringing the underground sound to the mainstream."

Our culture is being compromised by algorithms, and people are losing the ability to discern soulfully curated art versus mass-produced, sterile garbage. Representing the underground means being dedicated to your roots and letting the rawness of art drip from your body, mind, and soul, which the world desperately needs more of. So, we are fully in support of Paul's new project. 

Aside from getting cannabis from Wonderbrett, Paul and Laganja got organic raw hemp papers from ZigZag. They received dank munchie snacks from Outstanding Foods, including Texas BBQ chips — perfect for two rock stars from the Lone Star State. Paul got MERRY JANE’s new Sex and CBD book written by Ashley Manta, the one and only CannaSexual, which details how to incorporate the magic of CBD into your sex life. We know he'll obviously put that to good use. 

Aside from getting an inside glimpse of Laganja and Paul Wall's respective lives, the best part about yesterday’s “What’s in the Box” episode was the fact it featured two wildly talented figures from different yet compatible worlds: Rap and weed. Laganja, representing our beloved LGBTQIA+ and cannabis communities, and Paul, representing underground Houston hip-hop, made these two off-beat worlds collide — and it was beautiful. It's the type of intriguing content the Internet — a bottomless well of mindless productions — needs more of.

We’re not interested in mainstream pairings or making vanilla content. We’re interested in gritty sub-cultures that make life flavorful, fun, and weird, which is exactly what yesterday’s “What’s in the Box” live stream was. Stay tuned for the next episode — and smoke weed every day. See ya then. 

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